APM - Past Meetings

Papers from previous APM Annual Meetings have been compiled into volumes that may be downloaded for free in electronic versions or may be ordered as bound volumes for an inexpensive price.


Social Engagement: The Challenge of the Social in Missiological Education (2013): http://place.asburyseminary.edu/academicbooks/3/

Social Engagement The Challenge of the Social in Missiological Education


Teaching for Mission: Educational Theory and Practice (2014): http://place.asburyseminary.edu/academicbooks/10/

Transforming Teaching for Mission


What's In a Name? Assessing Mission Studies Program Titles (2015): http://place.asburyseminary.edu/academicbooks/12/

What's in a Name? Assessing Mission Studies Program Title


Teaching Christian Mission in an Age of Global Christianity (2016): Coming Soon!

Teaching Christian Mission in an Age of Global Christianity


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Annual Meeting Themes, Places and Presidents

Year Theme Place Presiding
1952 Organizing meeting Louisville, KY H. Cornell Goerner 
1954 Constitution approved; syllabus sharing and teaching issues (No formal theme)
1956 Christian Faith and the Religions (Syllabus sharing and teaching issues) Naperville, IL R. Pierce Beaver
1958 Missionary Vocation Boston, MA Wilber C. Harr
1960 Frontiers of the Christian World Mission since 1938: Essays in Honor of Kenneth Scott Latourette Richmond, VA Theodore Bachmann
1962 Our Teaching Responsibility in the Light of the De-emphasis on the Words "Missions" and "Missionary" Toronto, Canada Charles Forman
1964 Theology of the World Apostolate Philadelphia, PA Creighton Lacy
1966 An Inquiry into the Implications of Joint Action for Mission Takoma Park, MD J. Leslie Dunstan
1968 The Theology of Religions Webster Groves, MO Sigurd F. Westburg
1970 Salvation and Mission Washington, D.C. James H. Pyke
1972 The Church Growth Movement Nashville, TN E. Luther Copeland
1973 Missions in Theological Education St. Louis, MO John Piet Frank Kline
1974 Missions in Theological Education Wheaton, IL
1975 Dubuque, IA
1976 Deerfield, IL
1977 North Park, IL
1978 Maryknoll, NY
1979 Techny, IL
1980 Wheaton, IL
1981 Inter-Religious Dialogue Ft. Worth, TX Charles Taber
1982 The Bible and Mission: Interdisciplinary Implications Evanston, IL H. Mckennie Goodpasture
1983 Wheaton, IL
1984 Third World Theologies in the Teaching of Missions Princeton, NJ Lois McKinney
1985 The Future of the Teaching of Missions: Tradition and Change Deerfield, IL Sam Moffett
1986 Approaches to the Teaching of Missions North Park, IL
1987 Pittsburgh, PA
1988 Teaching Mission: Curriculum Designs and Models Techny, IL Darrell Whiteman
1989 Globalization: Implications for the Teaching of Mission Techny, IL Steven Bevans
1990 Mission in Multi-Ethnic North America Techny, IL Wi Jo Kang
1991 Research for Better Teaching of Mission Techny, IL Ralph Covell
1992 Moving Toward the Center: Missiology for Pastoral Formation Techny, IL Mary Motte
1993 The Role of North American Seminaries in Preparing Third World Theologcial Educators Techny, IL John Webster
1994 Integrating Spirituality Techny, IL Jonathan Bonk
1995 Mission Studies: Taking Stock, Charting the Course 
(Joint Meeting with the ASM)
Techny, IL Anthony Gittins
1996 Classroom and Praxis: Is Mission Teaching Credible? Techny, IL Edward Poitras
1997 Teaching Mission Studies in a Post-Modern World Techny, IL Elizabeth Brewster
1998 Methods of Practical Education for Holistic Mission Techny, IL Roger Schroeder
1999 Mission Research: Classroom and Practice Techny, IL Brian Stelck
2000 The Global Church in the Mission Classroom Techny, IL Susan Higgins
2001 Weaving Experience into the Mission Classroom Techny, IL John Kiesler
2002 A Jubilee Celebration Techny, IL Young Lee Hertig
2003 Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring for Mission and Ministry in the Intra-cultural and Inter-cultural Setting Techny, IL Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi

Missiology and the Social Sciences
Missiology and Historical Studies

Techny, IL Robert A. Hurteau

Spiritual Formation and Missions:
A Catholic and Protestant Overview

Techny, IL Ruth A. Tucker

Missiology and Theology of Religions: Disciplinary 

Techny, IL Stanley Skresnet

Teaching Mission Today: Texts and Topics

Techny, IL Paul Kollman

The Gospel Beyond Mere Words:Issues in Contextualizing Liturgy, Music, and the Arts

Techny, IL

Roberta King

2009 The Place and Pedagogies of Inter-Religious Dialogue in Teaching Mission Studies Techny, IL Robert Hunt
2010 Has Everything Been Tried?: Assessing 100 Years of Educating for Mission Techny, IL James Krabill
2011 Promoting Mission in the Undergraduate Setting Techny, IL

William Gregory

2012 Missiology and the On-line Revolution: Best Practices and Pedagogical Possibilities Techny, IL 

W. Harrison Daniel 

2013 Social Engagement: The Challenge of the "Social" in Missiological Education Wheaton, IL 

 Greg P. Leffel


Transforming Teaching for Mission: Educational Theory
and Practice           

St. Paul, MN  Benjamin Hartley
2015 What’s in a Name? Assessing Mission Studies Program Titles  Wheaton, IL

J. Nelson Jennings



Teaching Christian Mission in an Age of World Christianity St. Paul, MN Angel Santiago-Verdrell
2017 Teaching Mission in the Complex Public Arena: Developing Missiologically Informed Models of Engagement Wheaton, IL Larry Caldwell