APM - Key Dates

Key Dates in the History of the APM


1917 The Fellowship of Professors of Missions of the Atlantic Seaboard was founded.
1952 The Association of Professors of Missions (APM) was founded.
1952 APM Constitution was drafted and approved.
1965 The Association of Evangelical Professors of Missions (AEPM) was founded.
1972 International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS) was founded. 
APM Constitution amended to all membership for "all professors of missions and, by invitation of the Executive Committee, to other qualified persons."
1973 The organizing meeting of the American Society of Missiology (ASM) was held.
1974 APM Constitution amended to convene annually, preferrably in conjunction with the ASM meetings.
2000 The Constitution of the APM revised:the final "s" in Missions was formally dropped.
2009 The Constitution of the APM revised:  The Second Vice-President added to the Executive Officers Committee
2012 Advisory Board of past APM officers convened to create a visionary and strategic plan for APM.
2013 First Fruits Press began publishing the papers presented and proceedings of the annual meeting.  All papers from prior annual meetings will be collected and published in a 2-volume set.
2015 Membership approved the continuation of the Advisory Board for on-going guidance and strategic planning.