Travel Pool


The basic purposes of the travel pool are to allow us


1. To minimize the total travel costs of the ASM meeting (by choosing a central location);

2. To avoid discrimination against those members who live at a great distance from the central site chosen;

3. To avoid paying out funds that some institutional budget would have covered had this travel pool not existed.


The measures we have taken to accomplish these purposes are


1. To incorporate into the registration fee for everyone a modest amount in excess of the expected expenses of the annual meeting. This amount will be available for a travel pool.

2. To focus on that portion of everyone's travel costs (excluding ground transportation to and from an airport) which the member her/himself would have to pay were there no travel pool, and which is not in excess of the lowest cost air fare - night coach, economy, excursion, or super saver where possible, whether or not the member takes advantage of this fare. While not required, a stand-by fare (clergy or otherwise) is encouraged where this is feasible to the member. Where several come in a car, they should each submit the proportion of the 45 cents per mile chargeable to them should that be less than the lowest air fare.

3. Only those who have been ASM members for at least six months immediately prior to the annual meeting are eligible to participate in the travel fund.

4. This travel pool is available to all ASM members, regardless of their country of residence. 



Our actual process is as follows:


1. We compile a list of those who are eligible, putting down their actual travel costs or minimum air fare, whichever is less.

2. We subtract $125 from the amount defined in #2 above and call the remainder the "reimbursable portion."

3. If the travel pool amounts to less than the total of reimbursable amounts, e.g., 75%, then 75% of each person's reimbursable portion will be repaid.



To apply for the travel pool, follow the link below to the travel pool form, print it and fill it out, and send it to the ASM Treasurer.


ASM Travel Pool Request Form