Annual Meeting - February 20, 2018

Registration Now Available! Our next annual meeting will take place at St. Mary's College, South Bend Indiana, from June 15-17, 2018. The theme will be "Interfaith Friendship as Incarnational Practice."


History of ASM - September 7, 2017

Now Available! Click here to download a PDF of the History of the American Society of Missiology.

ASM Blog - February 5, 2018

ASM blog now available! New posts recently added.

MissionalPreacher - November 19, 2017

Resources Now Available! Created for pastors and congregational leaders who endeavor to engage the mission field outside their congregation's front door.


ASM Quarterly - January 3, 2017

The ASM Quarterly Missiology: An International Review The journal is a forum for the exchange of ideas and research between missiologists and others interested in related subjects.

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The American Society of Missiology is an inclusive and diverse professional association made up of members from Independent (Evangelical, Pentecostal, etc.), Conciliar, and Roman Catholic communions of the Christian church. This unique make up of our membership provides a dynamic and lively exchange of ideas, issues, and scholarship focused on the church's call to participate in God's mission to the world.

We hope as you explore this website and look at the lastest offer from Missiology Journal, browse the offerings from our ASM Series, consider attending our Annual Meeting, and participate in one of our Forums, you will consider membership in the ASM and join in our dynamic exchange!

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