Thank you for your patience as we get continue working to activate each of the forums listed below. The "Future of the Discipline of Missiology" forum is active; others are soon to follow. We appreciate your participation!



The Future of the Discipline of Missiology  


This Forum contains papers being presented at the Annual Meeting of ASM on Saturday afternoon, June 18. The initial paper is a reflection by Craig Van Gelder on the Future of Missiology entitled "Historical Development of the Discipline of Missiology: From a Western Tradition to a Global Enterprise." The responses that follow are from those who will serve on the Response Panel. Please join the discussion and post your response.   



ASM General Forum  


Is there a particular puzzle, dilemma, problem you think needs some fresh insight? Post a topic, a question, a hypothesis, a wild idea. See where it leads. Have you been pondering a particular missiological issue and/or forming a new (you think) take on it? Are you ready to launch the idea among friends and see if it floats? Pose it. Show what brought you to it. Say what you would like to test, and the kind of responses you would be eager to hear. (Being brief and to the point helps!)   



Missiology: An International Review Forum  


In this Forum you will have an opportunity to read a lead article in the most recent issue of Missiology and engage the author in a discussion about its content, theory, proposals and implications.   



Scholar in Residence Forum  


Each month, ASM member(s) will host a discussion focused on their particular area of expertise, field of study, and/or current research pursuit. Join in the discussion to engage top scholars in the Field of Missiology-ask questions, explored new ideas, and engage our scholars around important issues for you in your mission pursuits.   



Mission Research Forum  


Post a few notes on your current research interest or project, in order to explore who else might be traveling down a similar path. Let connections spark and new collaborative relationships flourish!  You may want to probe what other people find to be critical bibliographic resources for your line of research. Or as you begin teaching in a particular area, you may want to discover from veteran teachers in the field what pedagogical strategies have been found to be useful.   



ASM Student Forum  


Join other students actively engaged in formal Mission Study Programs. Share your own research ideas. Ask for the critique and insight of others. Seek out others who may be traveling the same educational and research path you are on. Create new study and research communities as you find like-minded colleagues in the same pursuits. (Let us know and we will be happy to create a new sub-forum for your group.)